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User Review PhotoVery happy with the smoke bombs we got for my gender reveal! The instructions were simple and they were easy to use. Great purchase!

Super pleased!

Reviewer's Photo Perfect cannons for our gender reveal.  I am super pleased with my purchase. The seller is super helpful and responsive. The quality of the cannon and powder are great. I’d definitely recommend them and will purchase again on my second pregnancy.

Thank you so much for making our dreams come true!

Pink Reveal smoke So this is after effect once the color settles (a little bit brighter pink, I have a filter on the photo to enhance since we were losing daylight, but we were so happy with these!!!! They popped more than we expected and let out this big burst of color perfectly! I am so glad I ordered these. I ordered the pack with two pink and two blue since we didn’t know what the baby was back when I bought them. The instructions were super easy to follow. I would totally recommend these for a reveal or any event for fun color. They are easy to use and color was perfect and we just loved the way it settled for photos. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true without breaking the bank on cannons haha.

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